About Klaviatura.cz

Website and magazine Klaviatura.cz was founded on the beginning of year 2016. The first thoughts about creating website such as Klaviatura came because of the absence of similar websites, although many people were saying they would appreciate the existence of such website. Website was founded by Czech pianists, who want to help Czech piano music culture to grow as it grew in the past.

Website is and should be designed to promote traditional classical music as well as other, contemporary styles of piano music, which are not so common in the Czech republic, namely e.g. New Age, Jazz, Pop. Thus we divided the website into two parts, each focusing on one of the classical/contemporary music groups. We strive to promote both with the same intensity, being convinced both of them are totally different and incomparable styles of piano music, as well as of music generally.

One of the main advantages website tend to offer should be the presence of lists, particularly lists of pianists, current concerts, festivals, competitions, as well as magazine news, reviews, interviews and moreover, everything on one place.

The whole project has its firm basis built upon the nonprofit persuasion and the whole effort of redactors, editors, partners is voluntary. We don’t allow any changes in the fact of being voluntary and nonprofiting.

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