Another Time, Another Place, but always some beautiful music there

Robin Spielberg - Obrá


Although during the last year many and many albums were released, there were some single ones standing out. One of them certainly was the album of an American solo pianist, playing pure New Age (Classical) piano music, Robin Spielberg. And not by chance, one of the most famous websites marked her album Another Time, Another Place as a runner-up of the year in its category.

If you expected an album full of relaxing, gentle, tender or sweet music, or on the other hand kind of action, loud „screams“ and stormy tracks, but not both of them at once, you are either far too conservative, or you’ve simply, but totally missed.

The beauty of her music is crawling out since the beginning of the first track, called First Dance. Not only the composition of this track, but even her feeling for sensitive touch of every single possible tune is excellent, unforgettable at all! One fact that is worth pointing out is her ability to use the lower part of keyboard to make contrasting parts, while keeping the deep interest of her listeners. The ethereal, even too beatiful beginning changes into faster, rythmic second composition Ship to Shore. Throughout the uses her left hand to work not only on harmony, but also make beutiful melody, as well as she stays in that ethereality established before. Spielberg is, apart from the pure and tender tunes, master of piano technique. Her fast, but still brilliant and precise game is wonderful.

In all tracks you could find that melancholy, sometimes images of nostalgic memories as well as the pictures of landscape and dance, every single track is original and offers unforgettable experience when listening to. The last track O Mio Babbino Caro can be described simply as „pure beauty“ coming through music.

One of the America’s most beloved pianists did a very admirable job. Her success is significant not only inside the USA, but also in Asia, where she recorded two albums, and all around the world. Thanks to her main focus on wellness and beauty of music we all can admire the art of New Age music performed by Robin Spielberg.

  • Interpretation
  • Composition
  • Listener's rating
The Good

Beautiful, ethereal tracks

Changing, but still constant in some respect

Relaxing, but still offering action and joy

The Bad

In some parts slightly poorer harmony


Pavel Vondráček

A young Czech New Age pianist, in 2015 released his debut piano solo album 'Lost in the Wind'. His interests contain apart from the piano music e.g. natural sciences such as Maths or Physics. Currently he studies at Open Gate, oficially certified IB school in CZ and is the founder and editor in chief of this website.

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